Premiere: LA Pop Breakout Ella Isaacson Returns With New Single ‘RUDE’

LA based Pop solo artist Ella Isaacson shares the rock tinted new single ‘RUDE’. We’re very excited to be running the premiere!

Punchy and provocative, ‘RUDE’ showcases a punching soundscape of distorted guitars, a relentless kick led four to the floor beat and cinematic washes of synth, track has an instantly infectious energy and drive right from the first note. Isaacson’s biting, almost sarcastic delivery adds to the tracks sense sassy attitude, capturing an essence of Miley Cyrus. Shifting between almost spoken verses and the soaring demonstration of her vocal prowess in the tracks pre-chorus, the track subtly builds as the ear worm lead riff circles back around, comparable to Billie Eilish’s viral hit ‘bad guy’.

Speaking about the release, she says: “In my previous music I talked about a break up that really broke me down, and I had to find a way to find that self love again and a way to build myself up from my lowest point and form a whole new me. I learned that magnetism, empowerment and sex appeal really comes from within because I saw it in all these amazing women around me, and one particular friend inspired the song during a text conversation while I was in my hotel in Seoul, Korea, writing there.

 It’s an energy, that RUDE energy, you put out into the world and people just feel- wow that is one sexy being.’ This is a song that celebrates that powerful bewitching magic that a woman of any kind has when she walks in the world with that self aware confidence that is unshakeable come hell or high water. 

 I got in the studio with my friends Allie Crystal (“SNAP” by Rosa Linn) and Mads Rosioru (Imagine Dragons, David Guetta) and then we had David (Vesloki) zoom in and play those epic guitar riffs you hear.”

Having gained over 40 million streams already, Ella Isaacson has already demonstrated her commercial potential and with tracks like this, expect to see her pushing things even further this year.

Listen below:

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