See: Little Brother Eli – ‘Dreams’ Music Video

Back with another highly impressive video (and creating a hefty dose of beard envy), Little Brother Eli have just released the music video for their song ‘Dreams’. An awesome track in the first place and now it has some incredible visuals to go along with it.

Utilising a number of cool effects and focused shots, this video showcases the talent of the band in a close and personal atmosphere. Most notably the focus on the frontman Alex as it serves as a reminder that the lyrical drive is one of the key components of their songs. It really stands out and makes you pay attention and serves as a rediscovery of how brilliantly content driven their music is.

Another of the key highlights is that it shows the band performing the way they do best which is technical, intricate and always fascinating. For fans of music who love to see each instrument performed to it’s fullest within the genre of rock and blues, this is a great place to look. As with the style of their songs, their videos always manage to showcase something new which makes checking them out as important as listening to the music in the first place.

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