See: Mystic Peach howl towards their debut EP with ‘It’s Not Their Future’

Mystic Peach, photographed by James Osala

QUITE literally roaring out of the blocks with guitar shimmer and a satisfyingly British take on that Black Francis sccreeeeeaaam, Southampton’s Mystic Peach are making shapes for next month’s debut EP, M? for Hampshire’s buzzin’ promoters Honeymooner with “It’s Not Their Future”; backflip in below. It comes armed with spooky visuals just in time for Hallowe’en.

The owner of that fine, charged howl is singer Curtis Gale, who has this to say of the song: ‘It’s denial. It’s obsession. The thought of looking at yourself in the mirror and discovering flaws. Going to the dark side of your mind to discover why you feel the way you do is sometimes too much for one human to take.

“So what’s the next thing you do? Blame someone/something to make out that you’re not the problem … unfortunately that turns into an obsession.”

“To speak for others because you feel depressed too doesn’t mean you should. Just because one anti-depressant didn’t work for one person – it doesn’t mean it won’t for others. Just because your views do not match theirs – it doesn’t mean they are wrong. It’s unhealthy for the mind to obsess, and the majority of people are obsessed. We are all unhealthy.” Wise, if dark, words.

“It’s Not Their Future” rides alongside last month’s single drop, the floorfiller “She’s So Neat”, fashioning together strands of Britpop, fraggle, and skatepunk in a heady brew, properly surging on from their quieter, earlier dreampop phase.

The EP is out on November 17th and presents as a quartet progressing through some of the darker emotions we all experience: previous single “She So Neat” is a tale of obsession; “Demon Sway” marries with delusion; the newbie, “It’s Not Their Future” stands for denial and “Float”, suicidal tendencies. It’s set to be a cathartic six-string trip round the dark side of the head.

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