See: NZCA Lines reveal new video for Persephone Dreams

NZCA Lines - Persephone Dreams video
NZCA Lines - Black hole lotta love?

Pulling in bars has many potential pitfalls, but finding your paramour is secretly a black hole intent on swallowing you whole has never been one of them, until now… The new track from NZCA Lines is accompanied by an outer space meets low down dive bar video to warn us of this risk.

The track itself eases in as polished synth-pop, but then becomes much more interesting when it falls out of time (and possibly space) in the chorus before reaching a Moog-marimba climax over a pulsing electro backdrop.  The video is out now, but to get the full picture, I assume you need to view it from a balloon high above the desert.

The track is also part of a fascinating sounding concept album “Infinite Summer” due out on 22nd January – in the distant future when the sun is a red giant, and human extinction is imminent, we are torn between building a new higher level of society, or partying through the end of days.

Next opportunity to see them will be when NZCA lines play the Memphis Industries Xmas Special at Oslo in London on 14th December


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