See: Pattern reveal new album Ψ, plus visuals for Sonne

With their third album Ψ (pronounced Psi – a volatile symbol perfectly linked to their tripped out tracks), due out on the inimitable Warp Records on 16th September, the mysterious pattern have released a new video for the track Sonne. The identities of the group, and indeed its size have often left room for speculation with ‘A’ and ‘D’ coming to the forefront of this project.

OF the album, pattern say “There were atmospheres, palettes and textures we were interested in looking at and distilling on Ψ – like the grinding city sounds of Industrial music, the bass weight of UK dance’s Hardcore Continuum, the emotive drive of 80s Goth, the techy weirdness of current pop music like Rihanna, the sonics of modern club like Grime, Footwork and Techno. We wrote in a very open way, allowing these elements to naturally interact in what we were doing.”

Sonne fits in with the bands ideas for the album, the industrial backing, warmed by this bass that rumbles depp underfoot as these icy synth patterns snap over the top, and this echoey shards of grime ike vocals are sprinkled over the top. Its seems to ebb and flow right in front of your eyes, while having something deeply attractive about it.

Check out the Matilda Finn directed accompanying video, here

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