Taken from his forthcoming EP, ‘Something out of Nothing’, out in November on Cooking Vinyl, 21-year old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sam Eagle has shared the visuals for his latest single ‘Like This’.

Speaking about the single, Sam says, “pretty much the whole song just came that night. Lyrically it’s quite abstract I think, but to me, the concepts behind it are kind of just getting through struggles and experiencing the great things in life that pop up out of nowhere and you didn’t see coming, I guess more concisely just about the uncertainty in life – ‘something, outta nothing, look at what I found.’”

Brushes of jazz chords and funk guitar lines infiltrate ‘Like this’, as Eagle lays down these persuasive melodies over the top. With added Cowbells and this insatiable, gluey bassline, not to mention the splashes of jazz piano that steps into the spotlight, there’s enough here to get your head nodding and your heart pumping.

Check it out, along with those new visuals, here