SEE: The Lottery Winners feat. Frank Turner – ‘Start Again’: begs to be sung with a can aloft

The Lottery Winners

JANUARY – I mean you could paraphrase Malcolm Middleton, at the time formerly of Arab Strap here, who had some choice and entirely memorable words to say of autumn in a vein which seems to capture the grind and the dark admirably.

And this year’s opening month; well, bit of a shocker in most senses, innit tho? But we have to look forward, we have to. The days are inexorably drawing out, there’s, erm, a changing of the guard in the White House; a vaccine.

To this end Lottery Winners, the Leigh, Lancashire-based guitar pop quartet of vocalist and guitarist Rylance, similarly six-string and vocally employed Robert Lally, bassist and vocalist Katie Lloyd and drummer Joe Singleton are looking forward with “Start Again”, a soaring guitar anthem, and I mean really soaring, which they’ve released the video for today and which we’ve got for you down below. Hell, we need positivity.

The band’s self-titled debut album reached no. 23 on the UK album chart back at the start of last year; during lockdown they put together a completely fun covers album, Sounds Of Isolation, featuring The Smiths’ “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” with full orchestral backing; even Joy Division, almost hometown boy Rick Astley, Oasis, Dolly P – hell, even Shanks & Bigfoot’s pop-garage classic “Sweet Like Chocolate”. And it comes on gloriously pink vinyl.

The new track with a hookline that just begs to be sung out, bellowed, even primal-screamed with a can aloft, also features Frank Turner, who the band say, “sent vocals digitally to leapfrog the tedious blockades caused by the fun-strangling virus and became the final, perfect-fitting piece of the jigsaw.”

He also appears in the video as a remote flight commander, guiding the band-as-astronauts through space to a heart-shaped planet filled with sweet things.

The track leads off an EP of the same name which will be out on March 5th and which is available for you to get your pre-order mitts on over at the band’s webstore on CD and vinyl rn, as they say; there’s also merch bundles in the offing. Go see.

“Start Again” is out today via all digital service providers; connect with The Lottery Winners at their website, on Twitter, on Facebook and on Instagram.

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