See: The lyric animation for All The Luck In The World’s ‘Waves (Poem)’ ahead of their third album

All The Luck In The World

IRISH folk-pop trio All the Luck In The World have just announced that, nearly three years in the making, their third album will be with us very soon; and they’ve dropped a first single, “Waves (Poem)”, the line-drawn lyric animation for which you can watch below.

The album’s entitled How The Ash Felt and encompasses several years’ work across a host of countries – they’re now based in Berlin – and, obviously, the constraints of the virus; it’s an album of deep thought, of upheaval and resurgence.

Neil Foot, Ben Connolly and Kelvin Barr’s new record gathers together despatches from the Big Apple, from the west coast of France, Berlin and beyond; but “Waves (Poem)” finds them on the west coast of Ireland considering their insignificance in the whole, wild scheme of things as they gaze across the ocean.

Lyrically, the song conveys a sense of the destiny inherent in all things, as it is a wave’s to break. The band say: “’Waves (Poem)’ started life as verses in Ben’s notebook. It was basically a completed poem that we adapted slightly, which we like because it feels cyclical, much like the tide and the waves”. ‘

So: what can we expect from How The Ash Felt? As you can hear from the single, there’s nuanced electronica intervention; we’re told it touches on grief, heartbreak and downright anger. The move to Berlin has focused a new closer, band dynamic as well: “We’re at the stage where we all understand each other’s perspectives so much that we can write as one,” Ben says.

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