See: ‘The Sensible Gray Cells’ announce new 7″ single and share video

Featuring Captain Sensible and Paul Gray from the Damned!
A limited edition 7″ (300 in Grey and 300 in Red) by The Sensible Gray Cells. Released on July 24th!

Who, what and why are The Sensible Gray Cells?

Captain :- Paul Gray and myself being garage psych aficionados would prefer to hear more of this kind of music and this is our contribution to the cause. If I said that some of the songs were ‘Damned rejects’ that shouldn’t be seen as an indication of inferior songwriting.. more that they’re not wearing the right shirt.

‘So Long’ is the new single due out on Damaged Goods records. What’s the song about?

Captain :- Ha ha.. it’s a bit like the intro to ’60s TV’s The Prisoner where Patrick McGoohan storms down that corridor to rant and rave at his boss as he delivers his resignation request. Were not that formal in punk rock but if we were this is what it might sound like.

The B-side ‘What’s the Point of Andrew?’ is written by Paul Gray. How does his approach to song writing differ to yours?

Captain :- I’ve no idea how other people write their tunes.. everyone’s different.. I know he always comes up with the goods though – and this one’s a cracker. Talk about hit the nail on the head.. although it might have been nice to give the Duke of Pork a whack instead.

Which is best – punk, prog, or psych-pop? 

Captain :- Yes.. all of those, mixed together in a steaming pot of wackiness and delivered with a English accent as exemplified by Syd Barrett and Ray Davies. I’m sure there’s lots of wonderful modern pop music being made.. but if the piped garbage they play in supermarkets is anything to go by it won’t be joining classics like the Beach Boys and T Rex in my record collection. End of rant!

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