SEE: Tomberlin – ‘Wasted’: evocative rootsiness trails October Saddle Creek EP

Sarah Beth Tomberlin, photographed by Marc Silverstein

SADDLE CREEK’S Tomberlin, who delighted the ears of those who found her on her seductive 2018 debut LP At Weddings, has announced a new EP for late October.

And in a come-hither for the forthcoming Projections EP, which Alex G produced, she’s released the video for one of the five tracks, “Wasted”: watch with us, it’s embedded below.

Sarah Beth Tomberlin says: “‘Wasted’ was the most fun song to record. 

“I brought the song with the guitar part and knew I wanted drums, but wasn’t sure what kind of beat I wanted. Alex played this drum beat for me and was all ‘kinda left field but maybe this would be cool.’ It took the song to a whole new level.

“Sad song or summer banger? You tell me. 

“The video was made with the help of Busy Philipps (who directed) and Marc Silverstein (who shot it), who are more like family than friends at this point.

“I was quarantined with them and their girls in South Carolina and we came up with the idea and shot it in about four days on an iPhone.”

“Wasted” draws on that lovely, rootsy-yet-ethereal quality that so characterised her debut album, but just toughens up the rhythm section and guitars a touch; but it still retains that seductive quality of a well-wrought, campfire tune pulled a little into the shade and towards the showing-not-telling emotive capital of artists like Grouper.

Video director Busy Philipps says: “It was such a collaborative and intimate experience; we’d been listening a lot to the EP in the house. 

“The concept evolved from how striking Sarah Beth looked in that dress, combined with the lushness of the greenery and watching our pre-teen daughter and her friend having this kind of magical few weeks of freedom and childhood in the middle of what has been such a heavy time. 

“Being able to just shoot it on our phones meant we could do it whenever the girls were up for it, or when the light was perfect or even right after the hurricane cleared. We would just run out and do it. Honestly, it was magic. I feel like it comes through when you watch the video.” 

Projections is available for pre-order now and is due for release by Saddle Creek digitally on October 16th, with a limited edition picture disc to follow on November 13th.

Follow Tomberlin at her website, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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