See: Waxahatchee reveals new video for ‘Can’t do much’

“It’s meant to be an extremely unsentimental love song, a love song with a strong dose of reality” says Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee) of ‘Can’t do much’, the latest release from her forthcoming Saint Cloud album, out on March 27th via Merge. She continues “It was written early on in a relationship, where the feelings were super intense, but also fear or apprehension were sort of keeping me from totally relaxing in it yet. Sort of like ‘it’s annoying that I love you so much’—totally unromantic, which sort of makes it really romantic to me.”

The track is sprinkled with the romance, as it cheerily strolls along, it’s indie/country stylings on display (and why not). More than that thought, she’s happened (again, she does make quite a habit of it) on melodies and chorus’ that just speak to the listener, allowing them, like Waxahatchee herself, to slowly fall in love with it.

Check out the performance video, here

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