See: Screaming Maldini release new video for ‘Abyssinia’

Continuing their current single releasing strategy, Screming Maldini have brought out their brand new single ‘Abyssinia’ with a music video to boot. This latest single in the bands year of monthly releases just proves that Maldini are constantly going from strength to strength and are never afraid to go in different directions and mature their sound as a band. ‘Abyssinia’ is all at once a beautiful, complex, haunting and powerful song that highlights all the reasons we love Maldini. The combination of the piano, vocals and the rhythm of the drums draws you in and keeps you hooked as it settles in your mind, securing itself as a song that will stay with you.

The single isn’t the only reason why this is a great release though, the music video has been constructed by Maldinis very own Gina, and it’s instantly an incredible video in which she has proven her talent for directing and I really hope that she does more music videos in the near future. It looks beautiful with its use of cinematography and each frame has meaning to it as it chronicles the progression of the two central characters.

It’s also great to see extended members of the Maldini family make cameos and there’s also a great reference to their music video for ‘Summer Somewhere’ if you can spot it. These creative choices are put to great use within a much wider scope for the music video resulting in a great viewing experience and as soon as it’s over you’ll want to watch it again.

Screaming Maldini keep proving themselves time and time again and it’s great to see them progress with each release. This is without doubt an incredible release for them as it just proves that Maldini are band that is always on the forefront of the Sheffield music scene.


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