Track: Leslie D King and The Trembling Shakes release new single, the soulful ‘Pushin’ on Through’

Melbourne, Australia rock and soul seven piece Leslie D King and The Trembling Shakes have just released their new single Pushing on Through, taken from their debut self titled EP, out today. It follows on from their two standalone singles “Sunday Kitchen Swinging” and “You Go Girl”, and shows a band on top form.

Inhabiting similar territory to Alabama Shakes, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats, even The Rolling Stones or recent Primal Scream, it big and brash with singalong melodies and brass heavy, driving southern soul with gospel like vocal interjections behind Leslie D King’s throaty but completely irresistable vocal. It tells the tale of a promise Leslie made to a late friend, to always check in to see if they’re okay, to pull each other out of they rough patch they found themselves in. Wise advice in these uncertain times.

Check it out, here

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