Track: Screaming Maldini release new single, ‘Soweto’

Screaming Maldini are starting their year off in the best possible way by releasing their new single ‘Soweto’. It’s fair to say that we’re fans of Maldini at Backseat Mafia, but hearing this new single is just like falling in love with their music all over again. And yes all the members are absolutely fantastic in their performances. Oh and by the way this is a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Starting with a dream like synth that gives way to a great funky bass line which then leads in to Maldini doing what they do best – intelligent lyrics, complex and satisfying structures, a great trumpet solo and of course their renowned harmonies and overall talent for creating vocal melodies that will have you singing along in no time.

The combination of all the instruments and vocals brings together a range of influences that fit perfectly resulting a hugely entertaining listening experience. This is a great summer single and as they’re releasing this in Feb then what comes next will undoubtedly be something special. Then again it’s always ‘Summer Somewhere’ and this single proves that it can be enjoyed at any time.

Without going into every single detail about why I love this song (and I actually could if I wanted to turn this into a full blown essay), all that I’ll say is that it’s something everyone will enjoy and if you weren’t a fan of Maldini before then after this I can guarantee you will be.

Their self titled debut album released last year fit comfortably into my Top Ten Albums of 2013, but with this new single I can’t wait to hear whatever Maldini release next. This is a great start to their 2014 and it’s a single that will stick around for the remaining eleven months.

Anyway that’s enough typing; now time to listen to this song on repeat.

You can find more on Screaming Maldini below:

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