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Album review: Claude Cooper – ‘Myriad Sounds’: taut, essential Bristol jazz breaks and cinematic LSD groove

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Album review: Mumble Tide – ‘Everything Ugly’: a short, sweet-as mini-album burst from the insouciant Bristolians on their way to massive things

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Album review: Pie Eye Collective – ‘Salvation’: genius future broken beat and addictive intricacy map a curious world

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There’s a lot of music comes through the Backseat Mafia front-door mail flap, as you’d probably expect.  Perusing the stack of titles I came upon The Provincial Archive and I was snagged with the name.  That understated, everyday-sounding handle evokes secret societies with niche and/or subversive agendas; not so much the illuminati or opus dei, …

Some people have to change names, for lots of reasons. I had an English teacher that changed her name from Miss Pratt to, actually I can’t remember,  but she was still known as Miss Pratt to everyone. Making your way in the music and film world is always rather a treacherous path, but one made …

Both me and my brother went through a period of waiting furtively for the postman to deliver these plain brown packages, which we ripped open and almost tore the plastic covering off to get to the good stuff inside. And no, it wasn’t what you’re thinking. These were singles from a small Bristol based record company, …