EP: Marco Bernardi – Spacejam

Out on July 28th via Berlin based Klasse Recording comes the new EP from Glasgow born, Bristol based producer Marco Bernardi. Titled Spacejam, it’s the third in the labels WRECKS series, following on from Phran ‘Bad Format’ that has picked up heavy hitting nods love from the likes of Mr G, John Osborne, DVS1 and Mosca.

Although Bernardi is a veteran of labels such as Crème Organisation, Planet E, Royal Oak, White Noise and Futureboogie, it’s Klasse he’s moved over to now, and he’s enlisted label boss Mr. Ho to remix the title track as well.

The EP opens up with the title track, full of broken beats and these synth chords that appear out of the ether, and then take over, slowly evolving into these little strips of acid house, punctuated with 808 claps and mysterious, almost unintelligible vocals. It spends the whole of its nearly nine minutes twisting itself around these ideas, pushing boundries whilst staying firmly on the danceflloor.

In contrast, No I didn’t is moody, dark and shuffles through beats and tones as it wends its way. The stabbing, submerged bassline could have been taken from New Orders Technique, such is its retro acid influence, but its brought bang up to date with these warm popping synth tunes that weave in and out. Oist Mal switches again, more experimental in style, with these whirring synth sounds and ambient percussive effects part of the fabric of the track.

Mr. Ho brings his oscillating 303 to the party for his misty rework of the title track, that concludes the EP. It ebbs and flows, with this house beat driving track on over the ambient chords underneath. It’s quite something.


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