Track: Bagful of Beez (The Meanies/Even) trip the light fantastic with whacky debut single ‘Syco’ and announce new album and launch date.

If you are in the mood for a bit of psychotic psychedelia with an infusion of chemical cocktails and a backpack full of barely suppressed chaos and self-deprecatory humour – and after all, who isn’t in the current climes – then Bagful of Beez has just the thing for you with the appropriately named single ‘Sycho’. What may make things clearer is that Bagful of Beez is the delivery rocket for Link McLennan – aka Linky Meanie – from Melbourne punk legends The Meanies and includes Matt Cotter from Even on drums when live.

‘Syco’ has discernable echoes of something from XTC/The Dukes of Stratosphear or acid-laced era The Beatles but that is a mere launching pad for a single that is as batty as the winner of the battiest piece of music awards in the universe, while having an ineffable charm at the same time. Almost calling for libel action, McLennan says:

‘Syco’ is a less whiny, more objectively, self-analytical and humorous version of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead, except the music isn’t plagiarised.

This ripe stream of humour flows through to the accompanying video with its surreal aura that can surely only come from the ingestion of something deliciously illicit:

And this is only the beginning of an aural adventure.

Bagful of Beez’s first album ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Beatles’ will be out on 22 October 2021 through the burgeoning and brilliant Cheersquad Records and Tapes (owned by Wally ‘Meanie’ Compton – spot the other Meanies/Even link right there) and will be released on limited edition, marbled green 12” vinyl, black vinyl and digitally.

You can get the single here and pre-order the album though the link below.

‘Sycho’ will be launched at the Brunswick Artist’s Bar, Friday, 3 September 2021. COVID willing.

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