Track: Astrals releases the gorgeous, shimmering dream pop melodies of ‘Infinity Room’

Dreamy languorous vocals floating distantly above simple dappling guitars sum up the beautiful track from Sydney artist Astrals (Claire Simpson). The track evokes sunbeams and dreams with its delightfully fey vocals – wistful and distant – and indelible melodies. The track shimmers and floats in the air.

Astrals says of the track:

I’ve spent much of my time worrying about time. Wanting to have and be certain things by certain ages. Success and time always seemed to be inextricably linked in this way, with time wasted resulting in success being pushed further away. A future without any guarantee of success cultivates unease and uncertainty...So basically ‘Infinity Room’ is about dealing with and calming down about time. There’s also a Walt Whitman lyric reference in the opening line of the song that I was happy to squeeze in: Be someone large – referring to ‘I am large, I contain multitudes’.

There is a Burt Bacharach strength to the gentle shimmering sounds with a sixties influence and delightful doo wops in the background. Utterly enchanting. The accompanying video was completely homemade:

This is the first music video I made myself. I was at my parents house on the mid north coast – the weekend all the floods were going down. I had to make a music video that weekend, and because of the hectic weather I had to make it indoors. So I got some stock footage and stood in front of the projector basically.  I used a lot of  space imagery as a visual reference to the largeness of life.

This is delectable dream pop magic:

You can download/stream ‘Infinity room’ here.

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