TRACK: Felid – ‘Take It Off’: a steamy pop grind

Jay Rodger, aka Felid

LEAVING the shores of cool electropop duo Mauwe to strike out on his own, Bristol-based, South African-born singer, songwriter and producer Felid (pronounced with a long ‘e’) has unveiled the steamy grooves of his debut single “Take It Off” today. Take a listen below.

Combining leftfield, lazy hiphop breaks with a slow, sweltering hip-grind of a tale of a couple filled with sexual tension on a hazy night out.

“It’s all about those stolen looks,” Felid says. “The invisible undertones, the push-and-pull of passionate exchanges that all point to where you both want to end up.

“It’s kinda subtle but right in front of you at the same time – I wanted everything in the song to reflect that.”

Felid says of his new musical project: “I know I’m not alone in having leaned on music to get through some shit. That’s the beauty of music. It either helps you to either escape or confront and engage with what you’re going through, even if just for a moment. I know I wouldn’t be me without it.

“So this project is all about creating as many of those moments as I can, both for myself and for whoever could want them, and living a life that inspires that creativity.”

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