Track: Hen Ogledd release new track Crimson Star ahead of new album

Weird and wonky is how Hen Ogledd describe themselves but with the upcoming release of their fourth LP ‘Free Humans’ (released on 25th September via Weird World Records) the signs are the band are finding some focus in their otherworld.

Originally the brainchild of folk experimentalist/indie anti-hero Richard Dawson and avant harpist Rhodri Davies, the addition of Dawn Bothwell and Sally Pilkington has sparked the collective to channel their inner wonky into more structured electro-pop. 2018’s ‘Mogic’ saw the unscrambling begin and it seems ‘Free Humans’ will keep up the momentum as the band’s one thousand and one ideas unravel.

The first preview single ‘Trouble’, all cool synths, joyful bounce and sing-along wit screamed feel good hit of the summer with a deep dark seam running through it. And now the band have shot out another taster ‘Crimson Star’ a tune that Dawson describes as ‘a gentle, pungent pop song about a retired entertainer looking back on their adventures during the heyday of space tourism’! The track and lovingly retro video unapologetically combine eighties references, think chart era Human League without the pretension and more invention. It’s got melody, hooks, autotune and an affectionate warmth that just makes you smile. Hail Hen Ogledd …weird, wonky and very wonderful.

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