Track: hundredmillionthousand Shares Striking New Single Seven Ft. Xuan Rong

Blending ambient electronica with classical, the new single from hundredmillionthousand, ‘Seven’, is an experimental, intriguing, beauty. The brainchild of Persian-Filipino composer Noel Fanaeian, the track demonstrates the solo artists unique approach to making music, fitting between the likes of Ólafur Arnalds, Jon Hopkins with a splash of Lapalux.

Opening with a glitching synth which dances around a wash of emotive strings setting a cinematic, rich and warming tone before the silky vocals of guest vocalist Xuan Ring enter. As the track progresses with dappled electronics dancing from side to side, switching between metallic effects and swelling notes, the track gradually builds on the experimental soundscape in an affecting, gentle wash of melancholic music ideas.

Talking about the track, Fanaeian says: “‘Seven’ was intended to be a deconstructed ballad about love and despair with vocals from Xuan Rong. I decided to compose for cello on this track to add a romantic sense of loneliness, inspired by the Portugese phrase Saudade. The noise and swells were sourced from field recordings in my kitchen. I made these elements sound like they were stuttering/buffering at moments to emulate a loading screen for social media or any sort if digital platform designed to connect people.”

Listen below:

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