TRACK: IsoPHeX – ‘Doppelgänger’: haunting, propulsive ‘tronica from North Wales

Cian Owen, aka IsoPHeX

CAE GWYN RECORDS is a little label out in Snowdonia which quietly goes about the business of releasing excellent tunes well-springing from the Welsh underground – which is what you want, really.

Alongside label head honcho Dan Amor, and his beautifully blurry, chiming guitar essays, keeping that particularly Welsh psych-pop torch burning bright, Cae Gwyn has introduced us to the raw, punk-as-fuck blues of Tom ap Dan; the Future Sound of London-like biological soundscapery of Dinosaurs Among Us; and Omaloma’s blissful synthpop-scapes, which are gorgeously Future Bible Heroes-like.

And Dan has added another fine young artist to the roster: introducing IsoPHeX, the musical avatar of 19-year-old Cian Owen, who hails from Llangefni, on Anglesey.

What do we know about Cian? Not much, tis true; in his analogue musical life he’s a drummer, playing in a band called Carma before he literally upped sticks to pursue a path into IDM; and his first single for Cae Gwyn, “Doppelgänger”, is released digitally on January 22nd.

We have an embed of it for you; it’s a rather lovely thing, for terms such as ‘grandiose’ and ‘sweeping’ come into play. And you will so get some of that delicious landscape eerieness of Boards of Canada, but as if they’d been roused from their reverie and given a little encouraging nudge towards the dancefloor.

At this stage, we need know no other than: it’s a tune.

Follow IsoPHeX on Twitter, and Cae Gwyn Records on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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