Track: Juniper Nights Unveils Haunting, Emotive New Single ‘In This House’

Oxford four piece Juniper Nights, return with the mesmerising, haunting and effortlessly beautiful new single ‘In This House’. A compelling fusion of eerie atmospheres, poetic lyricism, and emotionally charged delivery that carries a intricate yet understated depth, ‘the single offers some of the bands best work to date.

A disorienting array of synths, leading listeners through a melancholic sonic landscape teeming with ethereal breaths and soft hums, the tracks haunting melody is further enriched by the melancholic strains of the piano and drums, which echo a sense of bitterness and longing. ‘In This House’ concludes with a sparse and haunting arrangement, featuring the relentless ticking of clocks and distant winds that provide an eerie backdrop to the heartfelt vocals and piano.

According to the band, ‘In This House’ delves into the feelings of helplessness and haunting past experiences that we all grapple with. Inspired by the Netflix series ‘The Haunting of Hill House,’ the track evokes emotions like apathy, anxiety, and anguish, drawing from the band’s personal experiences with depression. Juniper Nights aims to connect with listeners currently facing dark periods in their lives, offering them a sense of support and the realization that they are not alone.

Juniper Nights is known for combining introspective and soul-searching lyrics with intricate layers of sound, providing their audience with a profound sense of hope and understanding. Their music is heavily influenced by alternative, indie, and art rock, making them an exciting addition to the Oxford music scene. Their live performances, delivered with reflection and anthemic energy, have garnered acclaim across the UK as well as attention from BBC Radio 6 Music.

Now back with more new material, the band continue their upward trajectory. Listen below:

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