Track: Kurokuma – Sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli

Celestial Light

With their debut album ‘Born of Obsidian’ which is set for release on 4th Feb, UK psychedelic sludge-metal band Kurokuma have shared their second single ‘Sacrifice To Huitzilopochtli’.

Drummer Joe Allen comments on new single:

“Sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli is about human sacrifice to the god of sun and war and the Templo Mayor. It was the last thing we wrote for the album when we wanted something faster and shorter than the rest of the eight minute tracks. People know us as a slow band, and while it still has our syrupy tone, this track isn’t slow. It’s more DM/PV to me. In the couple of shows we’ve had the chance to play this live the crowd were totally into it.”

“After the music had been written there was only one choice for lyrics here. Much of the album is Aztec-themed and we still hadn’t covered human sacrifice. It’s something I remember seeing in an encyclopedia at school, and I was hooked from then on. It was actually a central part of life. They believed if they stopped sacrificing the sun would stop in the sky and an eternal night would come. The direct and brutal nature of the words suited the death metal feel of this song and it makes the perfect second track on our album.”

After ending last year with the brilliant track ‘Jaguar’, the band have started this year in equally great fashion with this second track. ‘Sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli’ is a fierce steam roller of a track with brain penetrating rhythms and growled vocals that not only match the whole tracks intensity but work so perfectly with the heavy undercurrent of the track. Keep listening for the insane full band jam at the end of the track when it gets very heavy.

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