Track: Moses Mosima – Everything will be alright

Philadelphia singer-songwriter Moses Mosima has shared his new, self produced single, everything will be alright, and as he explains – it’s a reaction to all the negativity going on in the world at the monent. I felt compelled to record and write this song in response to the onslaught of negativity we are confronted with on the daily,” he says, before adding “From the news we see to the views we keep, something has to keep us going in a positive direction. In quite a literal way this song is that reminder that love is always with us even when we “know” it isn’t. This song in particular has taken 2 years to come to fruition and wasn’t a song I believed in at first until countless others told me what it has meant to them. A lesson that everyone needs a reminder sometimes.”

Mosima has poured a large amount of soul all over the track, added a stripped back, languid groove and laid down positive messages with his vocal that soars over the top of everything. Seasoned with some sweet harmonies, its definitely (I can’t believe I’m going to stoop to this, but let’s run with it) a recipe for success. Recipe…..I’ll get me coat.

Do check it out though, here

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