Track: Possession share lyric video for track ‘Beyond The Grave’ and announce album news.

Legendary 90s US Death/Thrash metal band Possession have published a lyric video for the track ‘Beyond the Grave’, which is taken from their first and only full-length ‘Eternally Haunt, originally released in 1995, and which is now included on ‘Disentombed Manifestations’, a double CD featuring all of the band’s recordings set to be released on August 26th, 2020 via Xtreem Music.

This track sounds like a metal freight train. Relentless drums and some of the most extreme growling I’ve heard for some time and this is a track with so much going on it will take a couple of spins to make sense. But give it chance and you will wonder why this bands recordings only fit on a double album and not several.

Check it out here

‘Disentombed Manifestations’ comes with liner notes, original covers from each release and tons of photos and flyers by this magnific and underrated multidirectional band, which is both technical, aggressive and intense with a really dynamic and unconventional vocalist that makes them unique. The cover artwork was created by Juanjo Castellano.

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Tracklist for ‘Disentombed Manifestations’:

– CD 1 –
“Eternally Haunt” (Album ’95)
01. Opening a Doorway Into the Occult (Intro) / Beyond the Grave
02. Sounds of Sorrow
03. The Mastery
04. Legion
05. The Return
06. Despair (inst.)
07. Shades of Death
08. Steel Jaws of Fate
09. Possessed
10. Rebirth
“Scourge & Fire” (MCD ’97)
11. Scourge & Fire
12. Danse Macabre
13. Shrine (King Diamond cover)
14. The Manifestation [unreleased ’98]
15. Revelations (Iron Maiden cover) [’98]

– CD 2 –
“The Unnameable Suffering” (MCD ’93)
01. Seer’s Vision
02. Sounds of Sorrow
03. Have No Fear
“Mad Crazed & Violent” (Demo ’92/’93)
04. Seer’s Vision
05. Danse Macabre
06. Shades of Death
07. The Mastery
08. Have No Fear
“The Murtha Tapes” (Unreleased Demo ’95)
09. Possessed
10. Beyond the Grave
11. Legion
12. Steel Jaws of Fate
13. Rebirth
14. The Return

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