Track Review: Leonard Maassen Shares The Futuristic New Single ‘Colours’

Sparse, experimental and futuristic, the new single from Leonard Maassen’s latest single ‘Colours’ offers an inventive, robotic electronic soundscape which is contrast of against the emotive nature of the lyricism.

A mesmerising journey through metallic, sparking synth sounds comparable to Kid A era Radiohead and John Hopkins, the ambient soundscape is topped with processed vocal comparable to that in the latter part of Mura Masa’s ‘Teenage Headache Dreams’. Relying on a stripped mix of synth and focus with no drums, the track is driven by rhythmic nature of the synths and the captivatingly melancholic, reflective nature of the vocals.

Cinematic and beautiful, the track is a brilliant example of unconventional writing and unique musicality. The addition of Erin Snape’s vocals in the latter part of the track adds depth and dimension, merging seamlessly with Maassen’s to create a truly enchanting spacious final section reminiscent of Bon Iver.

Maassen shares an insight into the new single. “Colours expresses the feeling of having to let go of somebody who you love in order for both of you to grow. It’s about meeting them again one day far in the future, when both of you are older and wiser, able to experience the beauty of the past with less attachment. I wanted to explore deep nostalgia mixed with gratitude and hope for yourself and the other person.

I wanted the duet part of the track to feel like a conversation between two deities, much bigger than humans and made up of the beauty and sorrow of life, woven into intricate and surreal textures. I was thinking of the way that Hindu gods are portrayed with multiple limbs and animal features, expressing their characters and their divinity. If you mix that idea with the way AI can make humans look like they’re made of plants, that’s how I imagine the two voices in Colours.”

With the announcement of his debut album, ‘Inside Cycles’ coming in April, the new single offers an exciting look at the kind of creative musicality which can be expected on the full release.

Listen below:

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