Since their superb 2017 debut album Smokescreens have steadily grown into a solid jangle-pop band packed with melodic hooks and chiming guitars.

Second album “Used To Yesterday” emerged a year later on the excellent Slumberland label and upped the quality even more. On the strength of this latest release it seems this pattern of self improvement is still in full flow. Ahead of a new album ‘A Strange Dream’, again on Slumberland and out on October 30th, the band have released a new track ‘Fork In The Road’.

This track has been produced by David Kilgour of New Zealand legends The Clean which proves to be an ideal partnership as they’re clearly fans of the whole Flying Nun / Dunedin scene.

There’s also nods aplenty to U.K. and Australian 80s indie-pop, Paisley Underground, Sarah Records and The Feelies yet Smokescreens still manage to make these well worn influences sound fresh and exciting. The strength of this single alone is a tantalising taste of the forthcoming album ‘A Strange Dream’ due at the end of October. I’m betting it will be one of the best of the year.