Track: SORBET – ‘Only For The Young’ feat. Arborist: Irish talents combine for a track of power and intelligence

Chris W Ryan, aka Sorbet

CHRIS W RYAN, the restlessly creative, multidisciplinary producer who is guising as SORBET for his latest project, roaming freely and with taste sans frontières – selecting and blending as he sees just, taking electronica, modern composition and pop nous to make intelligent, thematic music. A refreshing palate cleanser.

Following the album-announcing “I Heard His Scythe” last month – a tale of the passing of time and all its crimes, and of being ghosted after a romantic dalliance – Chris is today unveiling his second single from June’s album This Was Paradise, in collaboration with Mark McCambridge, the acclaimed Northern Irish musician better known as Arborist.

“Only For The Young” sees Mark take the vocals and provides an anxious commentary on the changing climate and that legacy for the following generations: “You know it’s gonna hurt, but only for the young.”

Chris abdicates the spotlight here and provides an open, eerie whirr of a musical background, thematic, minor-key lovely and full of sonic artistry and glimmer that seems to occupy a melodic and textural space partway between IDM and Radiohead. Stirring, immersive, slightly troubling atmospheres.

“For me, the choice of lyrics and vocal inflection is just as important as the frequency I’m boosting with EQ,” says Chris, “as is the instruction on the sheet music for an ensemble.

“They all affect one another, they are all related.”.

SORBET’s ‘Only For The Young feat. Arborist’’ is out today on all digital streaming platforms.

SORBET’s album, This Was Paradise, will be released by Bureau B digitally, on CD and on vinyl on June 4th; it’s available for pre-order here.

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