TRACK: Undercover Martians – Sarcasm is Sexy

The four members of the band Undercover Martians
Credit: Dáithí O’ Connor

Undercover Martians have released their new single ‘Sarcasm Is Sexy’, the first from their forthcoming debut EP. The electric guitar riffs and strong vocal and lyrical content are reminiscent of the bands stated influences including Arctic Monkeys and Interpol. However there is a calm confidence here and the 4-piece from the North-West of Ireland produce a slightly different sound from their contemporaries with the hint of a funky guitar and a pace which gives space for the vocal of Dáithí McGloin to shine.

The band’s members are Killian Fox and Michael McGloin on guitar and drums respectively with Dáithí McGloin and Rory Sweeney on vocals/guitar and bass and they expand on the origins of the track:
“Our new single ‘Sarcasm Is Sexy’ was initially written in late 2018 and first performed back in early 2019. Having recorded all of our previous music with Anthony Wall, we decided to change up our approach coming into the recording of our debut EP, and worked with Luke Devaney from The Blue Room Studio in Grange, co. Sligo. The song is our poppiest to date. It still retains some of the raw instrumentation of our early singles, but is more polished and structured. Lyrically, the song deals with the initial stages of a relationship – all of the nerves and excitement that comes with meeting someone and falling in love for the first time. It simultaneously describes the anxieties and uncertainties of early relationships, as well as all of the exhilaration that comes with them as well. It is the first taste of our debut EP, which will be announced following the single release, and is one of the lighter moments on the EP as a whole.”

For more information on Undercover Martians please check out their facebook and instagram.

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