DANNY WHEELER, who creates fine broken beatz for Brighton’s ever-cracking Tru Thoughts as WheelUp, has released a new digital-only four-tracker, The Ndebele EP.

Underpinned on a fine jazzy keys vamp, title track “Ndebele” bites deeper and deeper on a bed of deep polyrhythm and lofts on Moogy squiggle. 

Taking its concept from Danny’s father’s Zimbabwean tribe, The Ndebele EP (pronounced in-de-bele) is an effortless fusion of ice-cool nujazz and deeper breakz styles.

It’s as intelligent as it is insistent, and it’s one to nod in affirmation to on these long hot evenings.

Stream and purchase “Ndebele” at https://djwheelup.bandcamp.com/track/ndebele