Track: ‘Youth Disaster’ Strikes – Handsome drops new track


Multitalented, multidisciplinary, electronic artist Handsome today dropped a new track and video ‘Youth Disaster’. The song will feature on her upcoming second EP, which will be released by Remote Control Records.

Handsome released her debut single ‘Late Night Ball Game’ featuring Joyride, in 2017. That was the year of the same-sex plebiscite and the song quickly became an anthem for those who needed hope during that period, which was so damaging to the LGBTQI community.

Handsome explores themes of gender fluidity and androgyny in her music. Previous album ‘No Hat No Play’ (released 2019) celebrated self expression and this theme continues in ‘Youth Disaster’.

‘Youth Disaster’ , despite its addictive beat, layered vocals and more hooks than can be found on a fishing trawler, somewhat paradoxically delves into rather bleak aspects of the human condition. Despite everything that is happening in this song, Handsome also manages to reference Lady Gaga’s ‘Love Game’. It’s extraordinary.

According to Handsome, “‘Youth Disaster’ explores the darker side of ourselves. The inner demons that keep our joys, our energy and our spark at bay”.

The video (Directed and Edited by Peter Darnley-Stuart) builds on this theme and is inspired by the Japanese fashion trend ‘Yami Kawaii’ (sick cute,) which explores the taboo subjects of mental illness and depression. The skincare face masks that the subjects in the video wear, are reminiscent of oshiroi, traditionally used by geisha and kabuki actors, to enhance their looks. According to Handsome, the video is a commentary on the negative effects of the monotony of social media on the ‘sad youth’ generation.

From soft, delectable pop beginnings, with multilayered vocal samples, the song builds to an intoxicating denouement and then softly fades away again. Despite the heavy subject matter, the track is an endorphin-releasing ear worm that has your brain craving more, more, more.

I for one, will be keenly awaiting the release of Handsome’s new EP.

Stream / Download ‘Youth Disaster’ HERE.

Photo Credit: Rhi Vhenn

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