Video: Polly Scattergood releases new video for ‘Anchor’

Singer-songwriter Polly Scattergood has released a new video for her latest single ‘Anchor’, self-made during this extended period of COVID-19 lockdown.

“‘Anchor'” is a song about resolution”  Polly explains.  ” When I was writing it, I kept having this image of seeing the sun from beneath the surface of a wave. It reflects upon self sabotage and turbulence, but the sentiment is ultimately optimistic.  It’s about finding clarity and a sense of inner peace in the calm that follows. 

It’s slow, heart-stopping stuff, with Polly’s warm vocal draping itself sensuously over this slightly bleak piano accompaniment. As it flowers, so the piano is joined by bass, synths and these beautifully Pastoral strings who gently butt against each other with suspensions constantly. Beautiful stuff.

The accompanying video was made by Polly whilst at home isolating.  “It’s a strange time for everyone so I wanted to use footage that would make people feel good, like they were being transported to the beach for a few minutes, conveying a sense of freedom and wonder at nature and the planet we live upon,” she says and includes home videos of rolling countryside and other such heartwarming things.

Check it out, here

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