See: THOT reveal new video for “Traces”

Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.” ― Jack London.

I hate music that’s contrived, false and without any substance. So I suppose if you turn that statement on its head it would mean that I like music that is genuine, and real, you know music with feeling. For example, how can you sing about pain if you’ve never experienced it?

Belgian industrial noise masters Thot – who we first featured back in April – already have a reputation for very loud, very visual performances and very real performances. The latest video offering is no exception. In fact it goes beyond expectations. Ladies and gentleman bear witness to Thot main man Grégoire Fray suffering for his art by securing some permanent art as he performs “Traces” whilst getting inked – yes that’s the buzz of real tattoo gun you can hear in the back ground…

“When thinking about the making of this video, I knew that it had to be a kind of live experience again, similar to what we did with the two previous video (HTRZ and Keepers). I thought about the lyrics, and this specific line: “the city is dancing around your bloody nails, out from the pain”. I’ve realized that I never really experienced what I was singing about… and then decided that I would actually do it for the video. Here’s the result.” – Grégoire Fray,Thot

“Traces” is from the album “The City That Disappears” (mixed by Magnus Lindberg, Cult of Luna)

THOT are:

Grégoire Fray : Guitar/Vocal/Keyboard
Gil de Chevigné : Drums /Electronics
Hugues Peeters : Piano / Keyboards
Dimitri Iannello : Bass guitar
Arielle Moens : Live visuals


Footnote: Anyone ever tells you that getting a tattoo isn’t painful – they’re a liar. It is quite a nice pain though, and can be quite addictive 😉


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