Album Review: Bleed Again – Resurgence

The Breakdown

Second album in and the guys have written one of the best metalcore albums of this year and bring one of the best guitar partnerships in metal.

Brighton metalcorers Bleed Again have now unleashed their sophomore album, ‘Resurgence’ as they now embark on a new era complete with a solidified line-up. 

In true style for these guys, first track ‘Prevail’, explodes with a monstrous riff and superb screaming vocals. What a way to start the album off. An album of blistering guitar work and perfect dual vocals courtesy of James Dawson and Sam Jones

The same can be said for second track ‘Survive’ which comes with some serious heaviness from the thunderous drums of Jordan Burchall and thumping bass of Sam Jones who also delivers a few more of the clean lines in this track. The tracks solo lets you appreciate the guitar wrecking duo Simon Williams and Chris Pratt. Their ability to support each other is the cornerstone of this album.

Third track in and the emotive chilled number arrives with single ‘Sign Of Fire’. An absolute belter of a track which has a more restrained metal delivery with some of the albums finest flourishes and a huge chorus thats guaranteed to light up the stages the band grace. The breakdown more than makes up for the slow start as the that guitar duo smash it once again.

There seems to be no end to this bands riff creations. ‘Victim’ is a sledgehammer of a track that destroys from the drums to the vocals. The riff award however has to go to ‘The Execution’ for its opening finger bleeder of a riff. Absolute chaos reigns throughout as the whole band step up the game to deliver a masterpiece of metalcore. ‘Cursed’ opens with a hint of power metal chords before it rips through its four and a bit minutes with a headbanging ferociousness.

We reach the middle of the album and the vibe changes as the next couple of songs take on a softer approach. Not to soft that the groove of ‘Memories’ hasn’t slipped too far from the brutal metal. ‘Memories’ also sees one of the best vocal performances from both singers as the band take the foot off the pedal musical. The addition of synths and softer guitar lets the track breathe allowing the singers to really shine as they build up the intensity of the track.

‘Reflection’ is an acoustic interlude that gives you a rest before the head kicking emerges with the furious ‘Divine Life’. The foot is firmly pressed the pedal down on this track. Burchall is set to demolish some walls with his drumming as much as Dawson destroys his throat as he screams his lungs out.

‘Forgotten Ghosts’ with some intricate drumming from Burchall the track as an uplifting groove to it that really kicks in half way through with some fret board melting riffing. A last hurrah from the guys as the album comes to a close.

The acoustic version of ‘Sign Of Fire’ is a perfect album closer letting you hear just what a cracker of a track it is. With some decorative piano the singers keep it clean as they both harmonise on sections. Even done in this stripped back form the track still has some punch and once again the guitar duo rise up to lay down something special for the solo.

A cleverly arranged album that is packed full of superb metal. This album excites where many don’t and really gets under your skin. The dual vocal attack with Jone’s pop falsetto and Dawson’s unflinching growl gives the tracks a more listenable quality and they can really push the two vocal styles to enhance each track to the full potential. But it has to be the bands other duo of Simon Williams and Chris Pratt who play out of their skins on this album and it’s their partnership that makes this album on of the best metalcore albums this year.

Check out the bands track Cursed, below:

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