Album Review: Freestylers – Other Worlds

The Breakdown

“We were feeling nostalgic, so went back to our roots bringing what we think is the new sound of the old school.” – Freestylers

Freestylers are back with their unmistakable sound to hit you with their sixth album, a jam packed break spectacular with infectious grooves and dance floor bass shakers. but first lets hit the rewind…..

The Freestylers have had a career that most could only dream of, having earnt their place as one of Britain’s most revered dance acts of all time and selling over a million records since their creation. Since forming in 1996 when DJs and dance music producers Matt Cantor, Aston Harvey joined forces. Both of them had been pivotal figures in British dance music scene since the early 1990s. Cantor had recorded both as Cut & Paste and Strike with Andy Gardner (Plump DJs). Aston Harvey recorded as Blapps Posse, best known for their 1990 breakbeat seminal rave classic ‘Don’t Hold Back’ before working with Definition of Sound, Rebel MC and DJ Rap (as DJ Rap and Aston).

Following on from this was the iconic debut album ‘We Rock Hard’, an awsome collection of sonic anthems that have passed the test of time, an album filled with dance floor satisfaction. Their singles have also stood the test of time, in fact, ‘Cracks’ has over 30 million streams and counting. In their 24 years as a band, Freestylers have developed a burgeoning reputation as being discerning crate diggers, you can hear the wide breadth of their record collections through their eclectic body of work. It’s no surprise that they’ve reached top 40 in the UK and went to number 1 in Holland, Belgium and Australia with their hit “Push Up” and also not forgetting the huge collaboration with Pendulum “Fasten Your Seatbelts”.

Check out the first single from the album…


A perfect document to showcase why the Freestylers have stood the test of time, a super sonic journey through drum and bass, hip-hop, electronica, dub, breakbeat and everything in between. What stands out here apart from the obvious top notch production is the vibe, feel good and positive at its core your left wanting more. In these uncertain times few albums lift you up and take you above it all, ‘Other worlds‘ is one of them.

01. I Am Ft Plump DJs
02. Waiting
03. Electroshock
04. Black & Blue Ft Blapps Posse & Laura Steel
05. Fabulous Ft Scarlett Quinn
06. International Love
07. My Sound Ft Spyda
08. All Your Fears Ft Scarlett Quinn
09. Reality Check Ft Tenor Fly
10. Action Jackson Ft Hyperactive MC
11. Happiness
12. Puffin Da Herb Ft Mad Doctor X
13. Unreal
14. Rebel Lion Ft K-OSS

OUT NOW on Mama’s Pie Records


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