Album Review: Vukovi – (self-titled)


Neon-rock band Vukovi have exploded onto the scene with a brand new debut album, self-titled, released on 10th March 2017 (LAB Records). The album will be supported with a 7-date tour of the UK, beginning in hometown Glasgow on the day of its release, before going on to Leeds, Manchester, London, and wrapping things up in Aberdeen.

Hit single ‘La Di Da’ throws you in without consideration; its fierce and unforgiving tempo doesn’t give up for a second as you’re hurled through the manic breakdown of the abusive affair between The Joker and Harlequinn. ‘La Di Da’ captures the insanity of the two comic book villains and reflects back to us something we can all relate to: a relationship of deceit, betrayal and uncertainty.

There’s no time to pause for breath as, before you know it, you’re knee-deep in a new track, ‘He Lost His Mind’. The band’s attitude keeps the momentum going; you feel like you’re about to have a heart-attack as the tempo doesn’t relent and Vukovi give their all to make something truly outstanding.

Vukovi’s newest single, ‘Weirdo’, brings you back down to earth, highlighting the battle between fitting in and going your own way. If there’s one thing I love about this band it’s that they always choose the latter; fuck the haters and do what feels right. If we could all embrace our weirdness we’d be much better off.

Long-time fans will recognise ‘Bouncy Castle’, ‘Boy George’ and ‘He Wants Me Not’, as Vukovi update the tracks for a new audience, bringing their unique style and big hooks to capture the imaginations of new minds.

‘Prey’ immediately stood out to me on this album, opening up with euphoric guitar rifts that settle into Janine’s low voice as she calmly brings you down to its sinister lyrics. Vukovi bear their soul in their songwriting, sharing personal stories with infectious rhythm and kick ass attitude.

The album’s final track, ‘Colour Me In’, changes everything you knew about Vukovi as they show a more vulnerable side to their songwriting, finally slowing down the pace with a dreamy melody. It’s a song full of longing, as if you’ve finally let all those emotions catch up with you.

There’s bitterness in a broken heart, and Vukovi have utilised that feeling to create 12 glittering tracks with enough spark to trigger an inferno. Their debut is vibrant and so full of colour that you’ll be a fool to let this go ignored.

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10th March – GLASGOW – King Tut’s SOLD OUT
11th March – LEEDS – Key Club
13th March – MANCHESTER – Sound Control
14th March – BRISTOL – The Louisiana
16th March – LONDON – Boston Music Room
18th March – NOTTINGHAM – Rock City Basement
19th March – ABERDEEN – Tunnels

Tickets available here:

Watch the video for ‘La Di Da’ below:


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