EP: Blaze featuring Palmer Brown – My Beat

If you know anything about house music, then you will know West London’s Slip ‘n’ Slide. Early releases from the likes of Blaze, X-Press 2, Masters At Work and Kings of Tomorrow put them at the very forefront of UK house music, with the aforementioned Blaze (aka Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan) being one of their prolific acts. Originally out in 1998, Slip ‘n’ Slide are back with a vinyl reissue of the pairs classic My Beat, including original remixes and a couple of new ones in a 2×12″ package.
The title track is a feel-good house classic, if you don’t know it, full of jazzy piano riffs and bubbling basslines with Hedge donning his Palmer Brown alter ego for the vocal duties, talking up the track – adding ‘ask yourself / can you dance to my beat?’. The answer is absolutely.
Also on the 12s among the new additions is Folamour’s blissed out version, giving us a harder edge on the beat with these edgy stabs on the keys and this drop dead gorgeous acid bassline. Javontte Jazzbug creates brilliant something from the left of the field, these blurry chords further obscured by a jazz bassline that crosses the expectations and beats and this organ flourish.
Still in the package though is Derrick Carters disco circus mix, where he does his Derrick Carter thing, and bullies it through this acid sounding bassline, messing with the vocals and pumping some heavy techno in the background.
A1. Blaze featuring Palmer Brown ‘My Beat’
A2. Blaze featuring Palmer Brown ‘My Beat’ (Folamour Remix)
B1. Blaze featuring Palmer Brown ‘My Beat’ (The Javonntte Jazzbug Mix)
B2. Blaze featuring Palmer Brown ‘My Beat (Spaced Out Beat)’ (David Harness Remix)
C1. Blaze featuring Palmer Brown ‘My Beat’ (Solid Groove Remix)
C2. Blaze featuring Palmer Brown ‘My Beat’ (Solid Groove Dub)
D1. Blaze featuring Palmer Brown ‘My Beat’ (Derrick Carter’s Disco Circus Mix)
D2. Blaze featuring Palmer Brown ‘My Beat’ (Accapella)
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