Premiere: Sydney’s Mako Bron reveals the heavenly indie pop sound of ‘Straight Down’: a sparkling star in the firmament

We are honoured to premiere the buoyant hyperkinetic new single from Sydney’s Mako Bron. Cantering along at a chemically engineered trot, this is perfect slice of indie pop: filled with indelible melodies and a celestial anthemic chorus. I can’t help but think of the pop perfection of The Lightning Seeds with that delicious mix of melancholy and sweet pop: with a cinematic sweep creating an euphoric glow.

Bron says of the track:

‘Straight Down’ is a song about accepting the things we can’t change and building yourself back after loss. It’s a little bit supernatural. It’s a happy song grounded in sadness. It’s supposed to be fun, and it’s supposed to be a bit weird. I’m fascinated by the idea of plurality of consciousness and the idea that different people can live inside us at once. In this song all the people I’ve lost are singing back to me, telling me they’re not going anywhere and that they will always be a part of me. Some of them grew old, some of them didn’t – but none of them will be buried and forgotten.

There is certainly a power and positivity about the track and a beautiful tension between the sweet and the sour. The guitars and synths thrum together across a syncopated beat as the song evolves into a swiftly flowing stream with yearning vocals burnished with beautiful harmonies and backing singing. It’s fresh and vital pop that fizzes and sparkles with an incandescent glow:

Absolutely heavenly and one of the stand out tracks of 2021. I can’t wait to hear more from Bron. Out through Marshmallow Pavement Records, ‘Straight Down’ is to presave and preorder here and out on 22 October 2021.

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