EP Review: Leddie MC – Born Of Stone

Leddie is no stranger to the hip-hop game, and has been a constant shining light with her intelligent and relatable lyrics and an almost hypnotic delivery.

This year however, Leddie MC has been on somewhat of a rebirth with her creativity. A new found focus and belief in her talent and musical abilities has seen her purge the old and usher in a new era of Leddie MC. She has been dropping singles each month since May before finally dropping her EP this September. Entitled ‘Born Of Stone’, the 5 track long EP see her social documentary on topics such as working class, sexism and slurping tea.

EP opener ‘Born Of Stone’ with Jazz Piano also sees her first collaboration, with the soulful vocal chords from LKP. The addition of other artists such as LKP and Eve Conway (‘Make ‘Em Like You’) and the use of live bands, steps her up above the common hip-hop sampling or computer generated beats and stands her music out along with her lyrics. This EP is a pleasure to listen to even without the lyrical content and very accessible to none fans of the Hip-Hop world.

A lot of that can be down to the freedom she allows artist she collaborates with to have when they work on a track of hers. She trusts the people she chooses to do a good job and knowing what is needed. Something that has worked out spot on on this EP.

‘Make ‘Em Like You’ features Eve Conway on vocals along with a full band. With the percussion following her lyrical delivery the track is catchy as hell. Rhythmic delivery is something she is noted for and she deploys the skill on this track along with ‘I Don’t Think You Hear Me’ as she appeals to God. The music is scaled back slightly on ‘I Don’t Think You Hear me’ compared to other tracks on her EP, but with her vocal performance theres no need to do any more.

‘Trust The Process’ is Leddie replying to budding MCs that have reached out and passing on what she has learnt over a funky bass and organ. The title becoming somewhat of a mantra to keep going, believe and trust the process, regardless of the hardships and slog to get where she is. As she says, “I Speak from Experience”.

The soulful ‘Where Were You?’ washes over you as it closes the EP. Bit of vinyl scratching keeps it hiphop but its the poignant piano and a spot of Jazz drumming that style the show and join Leddie on this track. Perfect ending to an impressive collection of material, by one of the finest examples of a DIY artist.

Grab yourself a copy here

Have a listen to the closing track ‘Where Were You?’, below:

Find out more about Leddie MC on her Facebook

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