Live Gallery: SXSW Sydney Day 4 19.10.2023


Today was an odyssey of sonic discoveries – from intimate indie folk performances in dimly lit bars, to heart-thumping electronic beats that pulsated through my being. Most of the day was spent at the Powerhouse museum which was transformed into a universe of musical wonders. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Sydney’s cityscape was illuminated by the glow of neon lights as I physically exhausted, but emotionally electrified, made my way home, soaring on the wings of the amazing music and bands that I had witnessed, as part of SXSW Sydney.

Check out the Gallery below.

The day started with Lee Griffin playing an acoustic set at the Pumphouse.

Soegi Bornean, brought their bright, indie pop to an adoring crowd.

Selve blasted through a blistering set at the Powerhouse.

Adam Newling is a national treasure. His performance gave me anemoia, everyone was transfixed by the emotion of his performance.

Issy Cappo performed a solo set on the Goods Line.

Molly Payton is working on her debut album – I can’t wait.

Blue Honey blew the UTS Underground away with their indie pop sound. They make me want to move to WA.

Jem Cassar-Daley‘s vocals make you want to weep with the beauty of it all.

Nice Biscuit are blowing minds with their psychedelic rock, today they showed again why they are held in such high regard.

What can you say about Battlesnake? Nothing really, let the images do the talking.

Superego were playing in the bowels of the museum when I encountered them, I am happy that I did because they put on an exhilarating performance.

Dust hail from Newcastle, they’re amazing, you have to see them, these kids are going places.

Trophie enthralled the crowd with mesmerising imagery and futuristic instrumentation.

Telenova brought it all home as dusk set in over the Powerhouse museum.

Last but not least were the surprise act for the evening, which turned out to be the Teenage Dads, disguised as Pussy Riot.

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