LIVE: Lisbon Psych Fest ’15 Highlights


First night at Lisbon Psych Fest one could already get a unique vibe from the people attending the shows. Colorful, peaceful and fun-loving, letting the driven guitar grooves and uplifting drums soak in, amazed at how could such a unique atmosphere be created in this city center theater. Highlights of the night were PAUW and their enthusiastic psych rock warming up the crowd.

And also Black Market Karma, who transformed their act into nothing less than a psych celebration, even inviting people to join them on stage and play the tambourine.

National talents Keep Razors Sharp provided a most excellent finish to the live section of the first night.


On the second night of LPF’15 the celebratory congregation around great rock and roll was in for a treat.

My Expansive Awareness put on an entrancing show, at times taking their psych rock into bursts of punk guitar riffs, instilling joy and adrenaline into the Fest’s attendants.

National talents Dreamweapon brought their exploratory and melodic guitars to greater heights.

Then came The Vacant Lots. Bringing their post-punk grooves, mesmerizing vocals and incinerating guitar riffs, the U.S. duo fired up the house, and provided one of the best musical moments of Lisbon Psych Fest.


All in all, and despite a couple of technical difficulties, this was a memorable Psych Fest, the first of its kind in Lisbon, and one to add to your next year’s agenda.


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