Live Review: Caity Baser – Leeds Stylus 17.04.23

It was a night of unrelenting energy at Stylus in Leeds.

First, Liverpool’s Michael Aldag brought everything he had to the stage to warm up the crowd. The room was already full for his set, and there were plenty there who were well prepared to dance and sing along to Aldag’s infectious melodies and lyrics.

It’s the perfect set up for Caity Baser – herself often praised for the wit and pointiness of her lyricism, and favourably compared to Lily Allen.

The set was full to the brim with crowd favourites, as they sang their hearts out for Baser, who herself looked more excited than those who’d queued outside before sprinting to the barrier.

Caity Baser is a master of engagement, proved through her gargantuan social media following, but also by the way she interacts with her fans in person. Throughout the show, Caity is reaching out to her fans, explaining the meaning, the stories behind the songs as well as expressing a huge amount of gratitude for the position she has found herself in post-lockdown.

Having broken out during the pandemic with 1m views of her first song Average Student on Tik Tok while she was still working at the Co-op, this is the definition of a meteoric social media-fuelled rise. Less than a year later, her first mixtape – Lil CB – dropped on Spotify and set the platform for February’s debut EP Thanks for Nothing, See You Never.

Clear highlights, musically at least, come in the form of the opening Friendly Sex, as Caity explodes on to the stage at 100mph with no intention of slowing down. X&Y and Kiss You Pt2. and Pt1 take the gig towards its frenetic climax.

At every point though, you can feel the songs resonating with this audience, who see and hear their own thoughts, feelings, highs and lows articulated in the sharply crafted lyrics of Baser’s songs.

In between the songs, there’s a deep connection between artist and fans. There are spontaneous chats and shout outs, alongside a more choreographed walk along the barrier eliciting stories of love and loss from those willing to share with the whole class. Phones aloft throughout, a sea of Caity Baser’s face on 3.5 inch screens, it’s been a feature of the tour, fun, entertaining, endlessly shareable – perfect for the socials of Baser and fans alike.

Bouncing back on to the stage for a final blast through Pretty Boys, the love and energy that is shared between stage and crowd is infectious, neither Baser nor fans ready for this one to end. Inevitably it has to draw to a close though but you know she’ll be back.

Thanks for everything and – for everyone here at least – see you as soon as possible!

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