Live Review: Dadi Freyr – o2 Academy, Leicester 20.11.2021 plus gallery

It’s hard to believe that on this unassuming Saturday night in Leicester, Dadi Freyr and support, HYYTS are putting on a show that was 50/50 music/comedy. You can hear the laughter from the packed second room at the o2 Academy from the ticket desk and as you enter the crowd, it’s nothing but wholesome vibes coming from HYYTS. Lead singer, Patrick Thistle, has the support screaming and if there were room, the crowd would definitely be dancing with him. Their penultimate song is a high energy cover of ‘Still The One’ by Shania Twain and we didn’t know we needed it, but we’re glad we got it; it took no time for Patrick to get everyone’s hands swaying and he wastes no time to let you know that ‘this is the best gig he’s ever done’. If there was anyone who wasn’t feeling this night before, they are now.

Dadi oozes personality as he casually walks on stage and that personality doesn’t stop coming all night. The chemistry on stage between the trio is undeniable and a couple of mistakes proves that they know how to work and adapt together to put on a fun evening. Whilst he doesn’t have the biggest discography, he sure knows how to fill a show. From extending songs to acting up for the audience to answering every heckle that came his way, this short but sweet show was enough for everyone.

In-between the messing around, Dadi Freyr’s talent certainly shines through. His voice seems to be very adaptable; his voice is deep at the best of times but he drops that down to a baritone level at times and also shows us that those higher notes aren’t hard for him either. ‘Where We Wanna Be’ was about the 4th song in and this is what really got the crowd going. Whilst we could all jam to the Icelandic songs, the English electric-pop tunes is where this crowd got their kicks. ‘Clear My Head’ has the crowd silent and is worthy of the loudest cheer of the night, which it got. There is a weird juxtaposition throughout the night of some sincere moments in his music and the ‘soft comedy he’s trying to incorporate in his shows’ but this Icelandic personality makes it work.

Arguably, the weirdest moment of the night starts with laser sounds coming from Dadi’s keyboard.
“Do you like that?” *Queue more laser sounds and screams* “Cause I don’t” leads us into a crazy version of the chicken song and we’re not quite sure what to do with it until a voice from the back asks “Who saw him on Eurovision?!” The entire room lights up and answers with a scream.

We’re treated with ’10 Years’ for our second to last song leading Dadi to act up a bit more a pretend to be bored whilst playing the keyboard but everyone is loving it. There is no other way to end this night than with ‘Think About Things’ and the group certainly keeps the onlookers on their toes, hitting that legendary note and stopping multiple times before giving everyone exactly what they want. As you look over the sea of hands that have hit the air for the chorus, there is a lone crutch decorated with tinsel and Christmas lights which is a unique sight to say the least. Dadi is certainly someone to keep your eye on; he has a loyal fanbase already and the only way is up for him right now.

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