Live Review: Dethklok / BabyMetal / Jason Richardson – The Agora, Cleveland 06.09.2023

Tick-tock everyone, the BabyKlock tour recently ripped through The Agora in Cleveland and melted everyone’s faces in record time.

First up for the night was Jason Richardson. Someone get the cheese grater, because this guy can shred! He did a great job of warming up the sold out crowd as they rolled in with a good mix of fast and slower melodies. Definitely started the night on a good note. Be sure to check him out on this tour and/or with his band All That Remains.

Next up was Japanese metal phenoms Babymetal. I’m calling it right now, this was the best performance I’ll have the pleasure of seeing in 2023. Based on the non stop and easily the loudest screams I’ve ever heard throughout the set, the crowd agreed with me. The band’s signature fun choreography was on point and it was coupled nicely with stunning Japanese folklore graphics and strobe lighting that regularly matched the heavy guitar riffs. There are still plenty of dates left on this tour, so DO NOT MISS SEEING THIS BAND!

Last up for the night was the ‘Klok’ part of the tour. Dethklok is the powerful metal band made famous from the animated tv show Metalocalypse. The crowd kept up their energy from the BM performance and wasted no time crowd surfing and head banging along. Vocal growling, crazy guitar riffs, and explosive drums were enjoyed by all during the set, along with graphics/clips blasting on the screen from the show. Truly a fantastic time!

As previously stated, there is still plenty of time to check out the Babyklok tour, so go get your tickets now!

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