Live Review: The Heartbreaks at the Harley, Sheffield, 20th May 2014.

Do you remember The Heartbreaks? These four boys from Morecambe have been quiet in recent months, performing infrequent shows in London and Manchester but staying under the radar for quite some time. It was not their intention to stay so quiet – their second album was recorded over a year ago but it’s their label that delayed its release, forcing the band (and their fans) to wait. Now, the anticipation is almost over and We May Yet Stand A Chance is due to be available from 2nd June 2014.

With less than two weeks before the release of their sophomore album, the Heartbreaks have finally broke the silence and announced a small tour to drum up excitement for the striking LP. Young Romance join the Heartbreaks on this little tour, providing support at Sheffield, Glasgow and London, as well as performing at all three dates of Dot to Dot festival.

I was lucky enough to catch them at the Harley in Sheffield, the first night of the tour, on 20th May. The night began like any other; the Harley filled with northern lads searching for excitement and young girls captivated by the band’s charm.

Young Romance impressed a lot of punters when they first took to the stage; the talented duo instantly filled the venue with noisy melodies that caused almost everyone to tap their feet in appreciation. Claire manages to sing beautifully without missing a beat on the drums whilst Paolo keeps up on guitar, making this band a worth support for the night ahead.

Soon the headliners took to the stage, embracing the Sheffield crowd like old friends, reunited after a long absence. Playing old favourites from debut album Funtimes, The Heartbreaks knew they hadn’t been forgotten; the audience were singing louder than ever.

It was the new songs that really shone that evening, with ‘Hey, Hey, Lover’ and ‘¡No Pasarán!’ demonstrating the band’s ability to play loud and with style.  They want to step away from the somewhat beige nature of the current music scene and showcase their creative, intelligent songs that spark defiance against apathy.

The night ended with ‘Absolved’, the latest song from the Morecambe quartet, which is a song that needs to be on everyone’s playlist, regardless of your music tastes. With catchy melodies and lyrics that demand your attention, ‘Absolved’ proves to be a song worthy of awards and glittering praise.

After the performance each of the boys could be seen engrossed in conversation with their fans. It didn’t seem superficial, either; this exceptional band seems to attract intelligent fans who could talk with sincerity, discussing what they love whilst avoiding the egos of the music industry.

The Heartbreaks are a perceptive young band deserve a lot more than what they’re getting, but they genuinely appreciate the good fortune they’ve received so far. They’ve worked hard for it and it’s about time we started listening.

Dot to Dot festival – Manchester – 23rd May
Dot to Dot festival – Bristol – 24th May
Dot to Dot festival – Nottingham – 25th May
Oslo – London – 30th May

Pre-order We May Yet Stand A Chance here:

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