Track: Rotty – Introducing Rotty E.P.

Citizens. It’s times like these we have to be vigilant. If you happen to be in the vicinity of a nightclub, soundsystem, or even radio, never mind on the internet, you might get offered something. Like all these things its a short term fix for a long term problem, to make all those worries go away, stresses of jobs and money and relationships and everything else. That thing is what the youngsters call ‘house’.

Yes, ‘house’ has been around for a long time. But this is Deep. And this ‘deep house’ that’s been altering youngsters minds and thoughts for the last few years has to be watched. Very carefully. Its around nightclubs and other places of aural delight that this ‘deep house’ has been drawing people under its spell. New out of London is producer Rotty and his take on this social menace, the Introducing Rotty E.P.

Public enemy number one for peddling this ‘deep house’ to our youngsters (at least for the purposes of this article) is Manchester DJ Andy Proctor aka Stretford Dogs Club. He’s been putting on parties forever, and via his (brilliant) website he has Mixes, News and everything else happening in dance music, while building himself a stellar reputation as a DJ around the country and around the world.

His new plan is a label Man’s best friend, and the first release is the aforementioned suspect package of Rotty and his introducing. The opening track, yeah I love is sure to worry concerned parents everywhere, its intoxicating old school type beat, cut up vocal and sinister keyboard loop causing involuntary head-nodding/foot movement. If that weren’t enough Alex Agore has got hold of the track and turned it from a straight-forward menace into a full on trip, whirling around your mind with its echo and reverb and everything else, and this sort of child-like chords playing on the keyboard.

For those people that don’t take the vinyl copies (available at Juno) but instead buy digital, there’s an extra – Honesty is more laid back, soaked in house and schooled in the history of the genre. Like Yeah I love, its classic stuff, the vocal fragments repeating, with this pumping bassline and becoming more layered as the track evolves. How could you hurt me? Where’s your honesty? the vocalist implores. Parents shudder everywhere.

The next track Deep in my, is just that. Deep. Its what its deep in that is the real question –  in my mind? in my subconscious? in my heart? Turns out its a mixture of all three. The last track on the E.P. is Aaliyah. Again its pure (none of that stuff that gets mixes and ahem, remixed) 100% house, this seamless ride across beats and grooves. The whole thing just gets under your skin, into your brain taking you away from that reality, just for a while. That’s the thing about ‘house’ and ‘deep house’.

So be careful. Be vigilant. Its too late for me, I’m afraid – I’m addicted. Addicted to house, deep house, and especially Rotty.

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