Track: Ming City Rockers – Chic and the Motherfuckers


I have this friend. we went to University together. Just two ordinary slackers – when it was cloudy/rainy we played Snooker, when it was sunny we played golf. On occasion we actually went into University to see what it was we were supposed to be doing. Not terribly often though.

He’s one of those sort of people who searches out things, challenges I supposed you’d call it, for excitement. I spoke to him the other day and he’s doing a hundred mile run across the wilds of Mongolia. A hundred mile run? I get tired driving a hundred miles these days – what possible excitement could anyone garner from that. He also goes skiing, scuba diving, and did this double marathon thing across the Sahara desert.

I don’t know, but I’m pretty certain he’s never been thrill seeking in Immingham, a place according to the band so bad ‘they put it next to Grimsby’. They do make this high octane punk driven sort of glam rock though. And they don’t play by the rules either. They release single’s that have no hope of being radio played (what other reason is there?) and give away tracks for free and things.

Chic and the motherfuckers is pure three chord punk, with lead singer Clancey Jones unholy growl riding over the top of everything – and when it doesn’t there’s this high-octane guitar solo that keeps the track racing along. It fast, loud, full of attitude and very, very good.

What do I do for excitement? I listen to Ming City Rockers.


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