Track/EP: Heligoland – Coriallo

Heligoland‘s new EP, “Coriallo” is a gorgeous, atmospheric landscape of sound, evocative, maybe, of the windswept north-western coast of Normandy where it was written and recorded. The input of Robyn Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) as producer and mixer gives you that thrill of anticipation before you even begin to listen to this delicate and beautiful release. A thrill that is delivered.

“Coriallo” can be classified anywhere on the spectrum from shoegaze to ambient – reverb-soaked guitars and effects, yet delivered in a contemplative, melancholic multi-layered wash. Karen Vogt’s vocals have an ethereal quality that simultaneously breaks your heart while lifting you up – a mix between Annie Lennox, Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau twins) and a church choir.

This is an incredibly moving and emotive EP filled with beautiful moments and evocative lyrics – once in a while we lose our way, we know what we want but can’t explain – both yearning and restrained.

Heligoland were formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1999 but relocated to Paris, France in 2007. You can get this brilliant EP and catch up on their past releases here.

Heligoland are:

Karen Vogt – vocals, guitar
Dave Olliffe – guitar
Steve Wheeler – bass
Antti Mäkinen – drums

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