News: Grunge-Pop’s CHELJI Shares Vicious New Single ‘Funeral’

Birmingham pop up and comer CHELJI is back in the spotlight with her latest musical offering, ‘Funeral’. This electrifying single is a raw and unapologetic fusion of pop and grunge, delivering an intense musical experience that’s bound to leave listeners captivated. With its powerful lyrics, memorable melodies, and a relentless surge of emotion, ‘Funeral’ is a testament to CHELJI’s artistry and her dedication to tackling challenging themes through her music.

The track kicks off with a moody guitar riff that sets the tone for what’s to come. As the song progresses, the bass takes over, creating a sonic landscape that perfectly complements CHELJI’s powerful vocals. Her singing is marked by confident and combative lyricism, conveying the depth of her emotions. A distinctive clap sound punctuates the track, instantly signaling that ‘Funeral’ is about to evolve into a disruptive anthem. The chorus features crunchy, distant electric guitar and chant-like backing vocals, adding layers of intensity and cementing the song as a ruthless banger.

In a candid discussion about the inspiration behind ‘Funeral,’ CHELJI revealed, “I wrote ‘Funeral’ when I was in Sweden, starting with a guitar loop. I never know what I’m going to write about until I start freestyling and just ‘say how I feel.’ But I seemed to be angry about a past relationship at the time, so I went with it. It’s a karma anthem.”

Hailing from Birmingham, CHELJI has breathed new life into 21st-century pop music. Her journey to stardom took an unexpected turn when her unreleased track, ‘Hate Me,’ gained traction on TikTok years after she had initially stepped away from the music scene. Fast forward to 2022, and CHELJI has experienced a resurgence, amassing a dedicated fanbase of over 1 million followers. Her debut releases, ‘Still Here’ and ’23,’ have collectively garnered over 2.5 million streams worldwide within just three months of their release. ‘My Way,’ another hit from her catalog, achieved an impressive 500,000 streams in just 30 days.

CHELJI’s music draws heavy influence from icons like Nirvana, Lil Peep, blackbear, and Kanye West. Her lyrics delve into the themes of domestic abuse, severe depression, and substance abuse, drawing from her personal experiences to create music that resonates with authenticity. However, amidst the darkness, she infuses an element of hopefulness and defiance that offers solace and empowerment to her listeners. She passionately expresses, “My music’s gonna be messed up. I’m going to touch on topics no one has ever touched on. I want people who don’t feel heard to listen to my music and say, ‘I’m valid.'”

As CHELJI continues to push boundaries and explore uncharted territory within the realm of pop music, ‘Funeral’ stands as a testament to her unapologetic and fearless approach to music. With its gripping sound and poignant lyrics, this single is sure to leave a lasting impression on both loyal fans and new listeners alike, solidifying CHELJI as one to watch.

Listen below:

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